Mitzvah Project

Mitzvah Projects

The volunteering community in Israel would not be the same without the support of people who come to lend a helping hand. There are hundreds of opportunities for volunteer work that are meaningful, rewarding, fun and unique to Israel.

Your mitzvah project in Israel could include helping the environment, animals, elderly, physically challenged, children, soldiers, and victims of terrorism. We will match your volunteer work with your interests.

For example, if the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child has a strong interest in animal and nature conservation, we will connect you with a kibbutz, farm, wildlife preserve or zoo that needs help in that area for the day. Duties could include feeding animals and cleaning habitats, maintenance, observations and data collection, accompanying and assisting park rangers, and constructing enrichment facilities.

You could work on an archaeological dig, shoveling the earth and discovering ancient pottery, mosaics and more. You could help the Israel Defense Forces working side by side with soldiers preparing meals, packing medical supplies and maintaining the base.