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Meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tours

Regardless of your religious affiliation, the choice to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is an act based upon an intrinsic aspiration: to make a deeper connection with your Jewish identity.

In visiting Israel, this desire can be addressed through: Conducting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony at or around the Western Wall (the site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries), ancient Safed, Masada, or in a picturesque location that overlooks Jerusalem.

Visiting holy and archeological sites throughout the country, guided with the ancient story of the Jewish religion and history Participating in the rituals of Judaism including prayer at the Western Wall, where sages consider prayer there, “as if he has prayed before the throne of glory because the gate of heaven is situated there and it is open to hear prayer.”

Visiting sites and museums that tell the story of how Jewish self-determination built the State of Israel and how we continue to defend its right to exist.

Giving back to the land and people of Israel through rewarding volunteer work, such as helping the environment, animals, elderly, physically challenged, children, soldiers, and victims of terrorism.