Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions
Celebrations in Israel strives to ensure that your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding or special event and tour of Israel, are meticulously planned, well-organized and carefully executed with great attention to detail. Following your initial consultation, we will create a proposed work plan with a schedule, member assignments, and intermittent deadlines transparently documenting each detail of our professional commitment to you. Our coordination fee and the payment schedule for this fee will also be detailed in this proposed work plan.
Once you agree to work with us, we will submit a contract for you to sign that says that will act as your agent in planning your event and tour and a deposit will be required. In acting as your agent, we will perform in your best interests and will not allow our interests to conflict with the duties that we owe to you. When appointed as your agent, you acknowledge that we have your full authority to enter into legal contracts and arrangements on your behalf and in your name and that we will not be liable for any claims, costs or damages under any such contracts and arrangements. We will act only on your reasonable instructions and reserve the right to decline to carry out your instructions where we believe them to be unreasonable or not in your best interests.
Fee Basis
Celebrations in Israel will make a reasonable and educated estimate of the time involved in arranging your event and this is the basis of the proposal and fee. However, in the unlikely and extreme case that your requirements create an unexpected increase in work or change in scope, we reserve the right to discuss with you an increase in our coordination fees to bring the payment plan back in accordance with the time commitment. Any increases will be documented and require client approval. We will start working on your event once a signed approval and initial payment has been received.
Vendor Negotiation, Fees, Deposits, and Cancellations
We will negotiate with vendors for their fees and present them to you for your agreement as we work on your event. Any vendor fees that are known will be included in the work plan along with their payment schedules. As new vendors are hired, their costs will be added to the work plan document for budget consciousness. It may be necessary for certain vendor deposits to be sent with your initial commitment of their services. Vendor deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel services with a vendor, no liability shall attach to us in respect of any claims arising out of any cancellation of services. In the event that your event is cancelled or delayed you should be aware that you will be solely responsible for any penalty charges incurred in line with that of the individual service providers’ cancellation policy.  Payments may be made by the client directly to the vendor or via Celebrations in Israel. We strive to deal with reputable vendors who are known to be or have proven themselves to be of good character. All vendors are chosen for their quality of service, cost effectiveness and reliability. However, Celebrations in Israel cannot be held responsible for the actions of any vendor and encourage clients to satisfy themselves as to the integrity of all vendors.
Vendor prices will be quoted in Shekels and converted to dollars for your understanding, based upon the exchange rate of the day. You are advised that because the exchange rate may be different at the time of payment, the price may be slightly higher or lower at the time of purchase.
While every effort is taken to ensure that all the information we provide is correct at the time we provide it to you, you are advised that such information, including marriage requirements in Israel, are subject to change. The information we provide will be correct at the time of inquiry and we cannot be responsible for any changes in such information arising after that time.
Termination of Contract
If you decide to cancel your agreement with us, a full refund of any fees remitted will be issued if cancellation is in writing within seven working days of the contract’s signature. You can give us written notice by email to Pamela@celebrationsinisrael.com.  Any notice sent by email will be deemed to be received by 9am on the first working day following its arrival in our inbox. Should you wish to cancel the contract after the end of seven working days, you shall be liable to pay all reasonable costs that we have incurred up to the date we received notice of your cancellation, along with damages in respect of our loss of profit of the contract.
Circumstances Beyond our Control and Insurance
We will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations under our contract if the delay or failure arises from any cause that is beyond our reasonable control. We suggest you take out event insurance to cover any deposits, no shows, postponements and/or cancellations.
Celebrations in Israel is not responsible for occurrences such as loss of personal property, theft, acts of terrorism, injury, accident, death, dismemberment and the like. Tourists need to be aware of their surroundings and always use caution when driving into unknown areas. Visitors in Israel are urged not enter and go past any checkpoints, these signify areas under Palestinian Authority control. We strongly suggested that travelers never leave anything of value in a car anywhere in Israel, even locked, even out of site. Money and valuables should be kept on persons at all times. We do not offer insurance as part of our services. We highly recommend taking out travel and travel health insurance when visiting to Israel.
Website Intellectual Property
The contents of this website (including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, text written and other materials) are the copyright or registered trademark of Celebrations in Israel, all rights reserved. The copying, modification, distribution, reproduction or incorporation of materials from this website into any other work in any form is prohibited. However, visitors may copy, print, share or download extracts of material from this website for personal, non-commercial use or in working with Celebrations in Israel. If sharing material from our site, you must acknowledge us as the source of the material and inform the third party that these conditions apply and that they must comply with them. No part of the web site may be distributed, copied, or stored for any commercial purpose whatsoever.