Celebrate in the Holy Land Planning an event abroad is a daunting-enough task that what could be a dream-come-true is only possible after countless hours of work. Enter Pamela Franklin Azaria, who could really be on to something. Since Azaria married her husband, Erez, 15 years ago, not a year had passed when she didn't travel with him to visit his native home, Israel. And when Azaria's mother passed away, the couple packed up their three young children and left Birmingham for the Holy Land -- for good. When her sister, who lives in Chicago, asked Azaria to plan her son's bar mitzvah at the Mt. Zion hotel in Jerusalem, they were both so thrilled with the results, it was impossible to not ignore the next step. So last November, the former marketing communications consultant for Ernst & Young and Mercer HR Consulting met up with Israeli event planner extraordinair Sarit Ben Shitrit to form Celebrations in Israel -- an event planning company to help foreigners (that's you and me) plan a spectacular event like a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding or a custom-designed tour of Israel. The American-born Azaria knows what Westerners want in a good soiree. Her area of expertise is working with clients to executie their desires. She also has the home-field advantage to know what Israel has to offer. Arming herself with experts like Ben Shitrit, who coordinates and negotiates with each event's vendors, along with Ariel Fogelman, a tour planner who creates specialized itineraries for each member of every group -- and Wendy Klier, who provides outreach for the Los Angeles market -- Azaria is also living her own dream. "It's like I get to replan my own fabulous wedding over and over again!" Celebrations in Israel, Ramat Hasharon, Israel 312-788-8607 and 818-984-9637